I posted about Videogram a little while back and now, I get to post again! Magus of Videogram has released a taster of his new EP “Cobretti.” The EP is a tribute and nod to Stallone’s cult classic movie “Cobra.” Personally, I think it’s awesome. I would recommend you all to check it out, asap!

You can also find and purchase Cobretti on Bandcamp here. Please do show Magnus some full support, he’s a talented and great music artist who definitely deserves to have the word spread about his new work.


Last year, Videogram joined the European label Cineploit for which I am very proud to announce. In spirit, I’m including some of my favourite pieces from his Bandcamp!

The Night Slasher from Cobretti.

Camp Blood from Camp Blood.

Walpurgisnacht from Videogram.

I Warned You Not to go Out Tonight from Videogram.

Charles Bronson from Videogram.